Overcome the feeling of isolation and emotional overwhelm of being a caregiver.

Improve your ability to manage your stress, become more resilient, and create moments of joy in caregiving by engaging in private coaching.

Start building your inner strength so you can better handle your challenges.

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Family Caregivers, does this sound familiar?

  • A sense of overwhelm which makes it harder to make decisions
  • Difficulty handling the strong emotions that come with caregiving
  • Feeling burned out & exhausted from taking care of others; no time for your own needs
  • Only seeing life through a caregiving lens and missing out on what else is going on
  • Feeling isolated & alone because others have no idea what you are going through

Do you have other people in your life that have expressed concern about your health & well-being because you are so stressed?

You have to take care of yourself now!

I'd love to chat with you about how partnering with me as your caregiver coach can bring balance and alignment to your life.

Take Positive Steps Toward Self-Care & Life Balance

Benefits of Spring to Life Coaching:

  • Create life balance with caregiving and prioritizing self-care
  • Work with a board-certified coach who is also a caregiver
  • Build inner strength & peace through emotional management
  • Discover how to use your values to build healthy boundaries
  • Gain clarity by calming down your overwhelmed mind
  • Have a safe, nonjudgmental space to release your emotions
  • Learn stress management tools to help you be calm & focused

Life Coaching is a Partnership and Process that Helps Caregivers Discover and Create New Possibilities in Life.

Take steps in building your "Inner Resilience" by getting your

Free Self-Care Recharge Ideas List.


A little about your coach,
Susan Stern

Susan's background is as a speech-language pathologist who worked with both adults and pediatrics. Being a primary caregiver for her mom, who has dementia, was a catalyst for her to change her career to become a Board Certified Coach. Susan received formal coach training from The Institute for Life Coach Training and is a member of the International Coach Federation. She always loves helping people reach their highest potential. Susan is known for her compassionate heart, intuition, and dedication to helping others. She enjoys working with people of all faiths.                                      


Start taking care of yourself, so you can enjoy your caregiving experience.

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