It is an honor and pleasure to walk along side you

during your caregiving journey.

Take charge of your life 
by making

new positive choices & changes

for a more JOYFUL YOU!

A Partnership and Process that Helps Caregivers Discover

and Create New Possibilities in Life.

-Stress Management

-Life Balancing

-Personalized Self-Care

-Build Inner Strength

-Clarity in Decisions

-Navigating Transitions

”Creating Positive Steps for Self-Care & Life Balance”

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Style & Approach:
I will provide you with a calm non-judgmental space for you to explore and discover what changes you want to make for a more fulfilled joyful life. My approach is open, gentle, and direct. I respect you being the expert of your life. Through coaching questions, techniques, & tools, I help you find your own answers. We focus on closing the gap between your current reality and your desired future. Our sessions provide you with clarity & accountability to keep moving forward in making those positive changes.

Framework of Sessions:
Our sessions are conducted via telephone or video call (i.e. Zoom). We will start the session doing a brief check in, share your breakthroughs/insights, progress toward goals, what area you want to focus on that session, desired outcome, and next action steps to reach your goals.

For our caregiver clients especially, you might need a little more time in the beginning of the session to share your latest challenges. Receiving validation & emotional support is a huge part of your self-care to keep you going. Clients will let the coach know how much time they want to spend at the beginning of the session to “clear” any thoughts & emotions while still allowing enough time to discuss their specific agenda to reach their goals.

Coach’s role:
Through coaching, you will come to see different perspectives & new possibilities, brainstorm available choices, establish healthy boundaries/self-care so you have more balance in your life, empowerment & accountability so you take those small steps to how YOU want to live your life. One step at a time at your own pace.

Client’s role:
The coaching session is YOUR agenda. To make the most of your session, please be focused & open for change. You come to the session with the topic in mind you would like to focus on for that day that aligns with your overall long-term goal. Your coach will provide a positive non-judgmental space for you to share what is working and what isn’t. It takes time to develop new habits and behaviors. To make a true transformational change, a 2-3 month commitment is recommended.

A little about your coach Susan Stern:                                          Susan's background is as a speech-language pathologist who worked with both adults and pediatrics. Being a primary caregiver for her mom, who has dementia, was a catalyst for her to change her career to become a Board Certified Coach. Susan received formal coach training from The Institute for Life Coach Training and is a member of the International Coach Federation. She always has loved helping people reach their highest potential. Susan is known for her compassionate heart, intuition, and dedication to helping others.                                            


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