A Partnership and Process that Helps Caregivers Discover

and Create New Possibilities in Life.

Being a caregiver for a loved one is an emotional experience comes with a sense of overwhelm. Often, YOU are put on the back burner as there are too many things to look after. 

Do you intentionally seek your own self-care or do you need help finding life balance? To find joy in your memories and caregiving journey?

Spring To Life Coaching Benefits

  • Calming down the overwhelmed mind
  • Identifying what thoughts and emotions may be causing unnecessary suffering
  • Creating a personalized self-care plan that improves your life balance
  • Gaining a new perspective & awareness on how choices may be impacting your life
  • Discover what other resources are available for your caregiving journey
  • Learning which stress management skills are most helpful for you

Style and Approach

Part of self-care includes learning how to have a more positive caregiver mindset. Some specific goals might be:

  • how to deal with difficult emotions
  • having boundaries
  • keeping yourself as a priority so you avoid burnout
  • looking for the good in situations/gratitude
  • nurturing healthy thoughts

You will experience a calm non-judgmental space to explore and discover what changes you want to make for a more fulfilled joyful life.

My approach is open, gentle, and direct. I respect you being the expert of your life. Through coaching questions, techniques, & tools, I help you find your own answers.

Together, we focus on closing the gap between your current reality and your desired future. Our sessions provide you with clarity & accountability to keep moving forward in making those positive changes.

Framework of Sessions

Our sessions are conducted via telephone or video call (zoom).

We will start the session doing a brief check in, share your wins, breakthroughs and insights, explore progress toward your current goals. We'll also pinpoint any current struggles and explore your desired outcome and the steps to reach it.

You'll will receive validation, emotional support, and the tools to focus on your self-care, peace, and life balance. 

Throughout our sessions, you'll become more self-aware and understand how your thoughts and behaviors may be impacting your life balance and role as a caregiver.

My role as a Coach:
My goal is to help you see different perspectives and new possibilities, brainstorm available choices, establish healthy boundaries and self-care. All so that you can have more balance in your life and be empowered. I will also hold you accountable so you take those small steps to how YOU want to live your life. One step at a time at your own pace.

Your role as a Client:
The coaching session is YOUR agenda. To make the most of your session, please be focused and open for change. You come to the session with the topic in mind you would like to focus on for that day that aligns with your overall long-term goal. I will provide a positive non-judgmental space for you to share what is working and what isn’t. It takes time to develop new habits and behaviors. To make a true transformational change, a 2-3 month commitment is recommended.

To find out if Spring to Life Coaching would be a fit for you, please schedule an appointment to learn more.
I'd love to support you.

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