A Little More About Your Life Coach Susan

Susan is a board-certified life coach. She received her training at the Institute of Life Coaching Training.

Susan’s brings her 20 years professional experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She worked in the hospital with adults for 15 years and then switched to work in private practice with children who were on the autism spectrum.  Susan’s favorite part of her job was providing emotional support to her patients and family members through life changing diagnoses.

In her personal life, she was a long-distance caregiver to her father who had cancer for over 10 years. Not long after her father passed away, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and dementia. She has been her mother’s primary caregiver for the last 9 years.

Susan is most passionate about supporting caregivers who want to grow their personal resilience, so that they can be emotionally, mentally & physically healthier during one of life’s most challenging seasons. She wants to guide them to “spring to life” even when it is still stormy outside. Building their inner calm so they are not knocked down over and over.

Several years ago, Susan experienced a few health scares due to her not making self-care a priority. That is why she wants to guide other caregivers to make small but powerful changes for better self-care and life balance. Susan shares her client’s joy when they recognize the resilience they have been creating by making changes in their thinking and behavior to have a better quality of life.

Her favorite mood boosters are: music, aromatherapy, deep breathing, & chocolate.

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